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Lets sail away...

Like a photograph fading to all white

4/21/05 10:57 pm - I was alive from the first now i'm denied by the ghost of you

Do you ever get in one of those wicked emo moods where you listen to any song and it just makes you want to cry? Yeah. That's how EMO I'm feeling right now.

My vacation has been great and relaxing. I have spent it with friends that rock my socks, Meaghan and Keith have occupied most of my time, Friendlies, the mall, trying to sneak into a movie but failing but then succeeding the next day with eric and meaghan and keith, and phone calls<3 I'm loving this and I can't wait for summer.

p.s. there are four special people who I would kill to see and miss tons. 1. Madelin 2. Leah 3. JRID 4. Erin(coming back soon<3)


she straps it on she sucks it in she throws it up and gives a grinCollapse )

4/17/05 02:12 pm - I am finally seeing why i was the one worth leaving

Friday night plans were made for me meg and keith. We went and got an icecream, went to scotland under the stars where I watched meg and keith beat the crap out of eachother.

Saturday I worked 7-12. I rushed home and got dressed to go see the boys play baseball. The mooseknucklers won!!! SCORE. I got tons of pictures. Thats what this LJ update mainly consists of. After that me meg shaun ranen kevin donny steve tyler went to mikes. The boys played Halo 2 and other video games all day and I went on the trampoline with meg and ranen. It was fun.


Every day I love her just a little bit moreCollapse )

4/16/05 11:22 pm

burning that stuff up is getting overrated.
everyone does it now.

~If we go down we go down together~

4/15/05 04:24 pm - You say that love goes anywhere

nothing really has been going on minus VACATION FINALLY<3

My birthday was on wednesday. It was splendid. I just shopped all day and then at night I got icecream with Megzzz and keither. AND I GOT A NEW CAMERA FINALLY

umm yesterday was nice. me and meg went to scotland (when do we not?) and evan was there. we found out that the boys were having a baseball practice because they set up their own league thing. So Kevin Shaun Mike and Tyler came and played. Me and Meg watched. At one point I was the "ball girl" and just got the balls and handed them to mike and he would hit them out to the guys in the field. It was fun. then me meg kev and shaun went to dunks.

Today has been a longgg day but school finally ended.



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4/8/05 09:14 pm - It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

AMANDA AND MEAGHAN THREW ME A SURPRISE PARTY<3<3 They are so awesome. I love them. I was so shocked, I had no idea. It was great, like two bad incidents but its all good but I still love everyone. Meg and Keith gave me 18 year old worthy gifts. hahaha you guys are awesome. Thanks Amanda and everyone who came!!!

Today we didn't have school. Interesting day. Me and Meg got food at the 99, went to cvs, brooks, went to scotland. Today was Beast Day. we were at scotland til like..7:30ish. I got a breath of fresh air and swings. fun<3


Don’t bite your lip to hold back your smile
Just think of this
As bending the rules
You’re walking a thin line
Between me and what’s right                          
This thread seems worn and frayed
Don’t hide your face
And cower behind
A wall made up
Of secrets and lies
You can put it all on me
But if this is what’s been wrong
Then why is your hand in mine?


My camera is gay and I only got three pictures that didnt turn out blue.Collapse )

4/6/05 09:57 pm

She called me tonight<3
I enjoyed every minute of the hour we talked.

4/3/05 07:39 pm

Its been A WHILE since I've last updated. Not much has been going on. Mainly life consumed of friends, school, drum lessons, and a best friend moving away. Jess Ridlen I love you<3


001.Full Name: Michelle ashley young
002.D.O.B.: april 13, 1989

003.Location: bwater
004.Religion: im supposed to be catholic

005.Occupation: dunkin donuts employeee

001.Hair: medium length, auburn, layers
002.Eyes: brown
003.Height: 5'3"ish

001. jeans and shirts i have no idea
002.Music: emo, alt rock, hardcore
003.Make-up: eye liner eye shadow mascara
004.Body art: nothing

001.Wearing: plaid pj pants and long sleeve Clam Box shirt
002.Listening to: rufio
003.Thinking of: someone...
001.Bought: skirt, cd, sunglasses
002.Ate and drank: blueberry coffee
003.Read: dreamland
004.Watched on TV:real world/road rules
001.Club or houseparty: houseparty
002.Tea or coffee: tea
003.Achiever or slacker: in the middle
004.Cats or dogs: dogs
005.Single or taken: single
006.Pen or pencil: pen
007.Gloves or mittens: gloves but mittens are fun too
008.Food or candy: food
009.Cassette or cd: CD
010.Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
011.Matches or a lighter: lighters, i don know how to do matches
012.Sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: sunset beach i guess
013.Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey: ricki

001.Kill: nah maybe just beat up
002.Hear from: jess
003.Get really wasted with: meaghan and steph
004.Look like: some wicked hot victorias secret model, i forget her name

005.Be like: gwen stefani
006.Avoid: im not sure
001.Touched: uhhh someone i handed money too
002.Talked to: jeff
003.Hugged: meaghan
004.Instant messaged: jeff
005.Who broke your heart: lets not go there

001.Eat: anywhere
002.Dance: anywhere, mainly in my room or basement
003.Cry: my room
004.Wish you were: with my friends

001.Dated one of your best friends? no just something like it
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? um, yes
003.Drank alcohol? yes
004.Done drugs: yes
005.Broken the law: sortve.
006.Ran away from home: no
007.Broken a bone: no
008.Cheated on a test:umm yess
009.Skinny dipped: no
010.Played truth or dare: best game.
011.Flashed someone: yes
012.Mooned someone: yes
013.Kissed someone you didn't know: no
014.Been on a talk/game show: no
015.Been in a fight: yes
016.Ridden in a fire truck: no
017.Been on a plane: yes
018.Come close to dying: nope
019.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: yes
020.Eaten a worm/mud pie? no
021.Swam in the ocean: yesss
022.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up: yes i hate that

001.The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: pure disco. i love it though
002.Your bedroom like? celstial theme with pictures and posters aroud everywhere
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? i hate breakfast but i guess scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and homefries-brianas makes it the best
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? yuck i hate lucnh
005.Your favorite thing for dinner?  spaghetti
006.Your favorite Restaurant? 99 or the princess diner in MD
001.A Vegetarian?: no
002.A Good Student?: i can be
003.Good At Sports?: i used to be
004.Good At Wakeboarding/Snowboarding: ive never tried either
005.A Good Singer?: no way

006.A good Actor/Actress?: not really, i try
007.A deep sleeper?: yes sir
008.A Good Dancer?: i try to be
009.Shy?: yes
010.Outgoing?: when im around friends
011.A good storyteller?: idk

1. my hair is a mess
2. im listening to rufio
3. im tired

4. work was really boring today
5. i want summer to come
6. i hate boys
7. i want to see some horror movies
8. i ate way too much this afternoon
9. i have a cold
10. me and janine need to hang out soon

1. Don't play games with me
2. Someone like me but not totally, we need to have some differences
3. Be nice to me
4. To be able to just hang out and have a good time doing nothing
5. Someone to deal with my jealousy
6. Being able to tell me the truth about everything
7. If I want to fuck, we fuck, jk
8. Call me and never make me call you
9. Make me nervous.

1. chapstick
2. lilu or strawberryies and champagne/romantic wish combo
3. eye liner
4. mascara
5. eye shadow
6. socks
7. underwearr
8. earrings

1. people who talk too much
2. when the sugar bowls at dunks arent filled all the way
3. when my brothers leaves his crap around my basement
4. soft music/no music on in the car
5. dry skin
6. ghetto people sometimes
7. fake people

1. maryland-visited/lived
2. ohio-visited
3. mt vernon-visited
4. nantucket-visited
5. DC-visitedd
6. Paris-intend to

1. be in a band
2. live til 80 hopefully
3. get married
4. go to a good college
5. have a successful job

1. dying
2. floods
3. wild animals
4. being abandoned

1. take a shower
2. zoloft
3. go online weehooo

1. be nervous
2. idk


I dont want to be just another memoryCollapse )

3/13/05 07:35 pm - You're the only one who really knew me at all

Things have been...fine I guess? I don't feel like doing a day to day update. I've just been hanging out friends, I went to two local shows, school, and daily lunches in hell. Wicked cool.

Brief emo-ness?= Well my sister has been gone in Florida and comes back tomorrow late into the early morning. We usually don't get along that much but I actually miss her. Tonight she called and I mentioned to my dad how she calls all the time, and he was like "yea thats ok" blah blah blah. then i brought up how I didn't call that often when I was away. In a sad tone of voice he said "thats alright" I felt wicked sad after. Another thing, my mom is wicked not updated with my life and she asked how things with Him were, when I told she asked what happened and all this crap. I felt wicked sad. I wish things weren't like that.

Have you ever had regrets and still not know what to do about them?


So take a look at me now
There's just an empty space
There's nothing left here to remind me
Just the memory of your face
But take a look at me now
There's just an empty space
And you coming back to me is against the odds
And that's what I've gotta face

3/8/05 06:23 pm - take my hand

I stole this from eric

A - Age you got your first kiss: 14

B - Band listening to right now: The Used

C - Crush: yes. no naming

D - Dad's name: Bill

E - Easiest person to talk to: Meaghan

F - Favorite bands at the moment: my chemical romance, used, bright eyes, coheed cambria, many more

G - Gummy worms or gummy bears? Gummy Worms

H - Hometown: Bridgewater, MA

I - Instruments: drums

J- Junior High: Williams Middle Junior Highhh

K - Kids: Two-boy and girl

L - Longest car ride ever: florida

M - Mom's name: janice

N - Nicknames: shelly, mitch, minty, etc.

O - One wish: have a good relationship that lasts

P - Phobia[s]: dying

Q - Quote: Love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife. teehee

R - Reason to smile: Jess is being funny and is having some wicked good luck right now

S - Song you sang last: I caught fire

T - Time you woke up [today]: 5:45

U - Unknown fact about me: im gay. haha jk no umm...hmm...im not sure

V - Vegetable you hate: asparagus.ive never tried it though

W - Worst habit(s): biting my nails and shaking my leg

X - X-rays you've had: teeth and back

Y - Yummy food: spaghetti, hamburgers, ribs, yumm

Z - Zodiac sign: Ariesss

3/7/05 05:33 pm - It's going to be a long emo week...

Your eyelids close when you're around me to shut me out.

I'm bored. I finished my project around 5 but I have other homework that I don't feel like doing. Today absolutely sucked. This weekend was cool. Friday Meg came over off the bus, we walked to dunks, hung out here and there, went to Mike's with a bunch of other cool kids<3. Saturday was my last day at dunkin donuts on bedford street. I hung out took a nap, woke up at 6, got picked up at 6;30, went to the show. I had fun. All the bands were good so it was cool. I think the guys played one of their best shows yet! Sunday I had ccd and worked. Today was school. yea nothing too exciting

I lost my digital camera cord to load pictures to the computer so I'm wicked pissed. ugh.



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