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I miss you, I miss you so far and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard<3

Erin and Matt threw the best party tonight minus two of my best boys taht are friends that got out of hand. We still love you. Great times. I'm pissed I can't sleepover. I just got in. I'm pretty sure my dad was a bit "light haeded' himself picking me up. I'm fine though. The night was full of fake I love you's, tears, and hugs all around with the scent of strawberry in the air. magic.

MCAS is over. Yesterday was wonderful. It was a party going up town and then a few of us were left. meg amanda kev dan the alex's shaun tony erin colleen bryan ben are the few of us who were there. 99 for food bk and the apartments to have fake threesomes and skate. love.

I'm exhausted and out of it. tonight was a first. i've never spent a night with people like that. pretty cool and to the older kids you were greatwith us.

Erin and Meaghan are my lovers and Sarah was wonderful and smart and I love themmm<3<3

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