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youve got your perfect hands over my nervous heart

Things have been up and down lately. As of now, things have been great. It's sunday already which means time for MCAS. The weekend was lovely and my horoscopes were right on target. Friday night I enjoyed Lindsay Reagan's company a la her casa. We then met up with Mike F. and Ryan W. As we were walking to Titticut, Erin, Jared, and Steve were walking towards us. So we all went together. It wasn't as scary as I expected. Pretty cool though. At one point Jared thought we were lost. After that Erin thought we should go to satan house. We didn't have any lights when wakling through the woods so we were getting stabbed all over by thorns. Yeah we got out of there and went to Mike's house and sat outside on the street.

Work yesterday was miserable. So busy and I set two bagels on fire. It was not cool. Afterwards around 7ish? I went to Tom'sssss hizzle. Mike F. and Garrett were there. They just formed a band so they were practicing. Once they get a drummer I can see them being good. With only a few practices they had cool beats and it will just be good. Meg then came and we all just hung out. We walked to visit Jay at dunks and Keith was there. Mike and Garrett left and after that me meg keith and tom went back to his house. It's just been a great weekend<3<3<3 Tonight might be spent with Janine! 


i love herrr<3

you know how we do

shes sooo emo!

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